The Original S’morecuterie Board Set – A campfire classic

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The Original S’morecuterie Board Set – A campfire classic

What makes a night by a bonfire better than an endless buffet of s’mores? The S’morecuterie Set, original to The Casual Campfire Supply Company, is our take on a charcuterie board designed to resemble the s’mores it’s destined to serve. Made of cherry, Peruvian walnut, and aspen these unique charcuterie boards are finished with a food safe, plant based finish and a coat of all natural wax to protect from moisture.

There are no rules with s’mores – your creativity is the limit! Some of our favorite combinations are:

  • Graham cracker, chocolate bar of your choice, and marshmallow
  • Girl Scout Cookies of your choice, chocolate bar of your choice and marshmallow
  • Chocolate chip cookie and an M&M stuffed marshmallow
  • Graham Cracker, peanut butter cup, and marshmallow
  • Graham Cracker, Peeps leftover from Spring, and your favorite chocolate bar
  • Gormet: Stroopwafel, salted dark chocolate, and candied bacon

Spread out your ingredients on the large serving board for easy and pre-prepared access, while the smaller S’moressembly boards are perfect for placing in the lap to build a s’more without having to worry about needing a free hand.

The S’morecuterie Board Set will absolutely make your bonfire one that friends and family will remember, and will serve as a wonderful conversation piece for years to come. With proper care and conditioning, the S’morecuterie Board Set will be around to hear many bonfire stories shared casually among beloved friends and family.

Care Instructions: Clean by hand with mild soap and warm water. Do not place the S’morecuterie Board Set in the dishwasher. Once dry after washing, we recommend a light coat of Walrus Oil brand cutting board oil or board wax.

3 in stock (can be backordered)


3 in stock (can be backordered)