Fire Pucks (3 Pack)

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  1. Kyle

    By far the best fire starter I’ve ever used! It’s never been so easy to get a good fire going as it is with these fire pucks. The extended burn time made it simple to get a fire going even when the wood was still a little wet. Highly recommend!

  2. Matt

    I pucked around and found out how amazing these things are for lighting a bonfire in my back yard. Plus, I get to feed kids with my purchase? That’s a win/win in my book!

  3. AndyC

    These work great for lighting a fire in my Solo stove. Because of the size of the puck and the extended burn time they are great even when it’s a stubborn fire to start that needs a little help. They split easily so if you don’t need a whole puck 1/4 works too! Products that burn for a few minutes are good but when you need extended time you can’t beat these. Good product, using good materials and donating to a good cause.

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Fire Pucks (3 Pack)

Introducing the Fire Puck – the eco-friendly fire starter perfect for camping and home use. Made from 100% natural materials, Soy wax and sawdust, this fire starter is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fire-starting methods that include paraffins or other petroleum derived fire starters.

The Fire Puck is incredibly easy to use. Simply light the wick of the puck and place it under your kindling or logs. The puck will burn for approximately 60-90 minutes, providing plenty of time for your fire to catch and build.

This fire starter is compact and lightweight, making it easy to take with you on your next camping trip or outdoor adventure. It’s also ideal for use at home, as it can be used to start fires in fireplaces, wood stoves, and fire pits.

Our Fire Pucks are sure to impress and become a go-to tool in your fire-starting kit.

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36 in stock